After being rejected once, she re-applied with AdmissionMax’s help and was admitted into her top choice

“I had applied to my top 5 optometry schools and was disappointed when I was only wait-listed into my top choice. Knowing that my personal statement was heavily weighted, I knew it needed to be revised in preparation for my second attempt at admission the following year. A friend of mine referred AdmissionMax to me. After submitting my personal statement to them, it took only three days to get it back overhauled and significantly improved.  Previously, I had spent a year working on my essay so I did not think I needed to change much, but AdmissionMax drastically improved it. It was difficult to see sentences that had taken me so long to put together edited out, but the admissions expert spent time explaining why he removed and added parts to it. Within a couple of days my statement was finalized and I re-applied to my top five optometry schools once again. Unable to get admitted my first try, I was thrilled to learn that I was accepted to my number one choice the following year. I couldn’t have done it without AdmissionMax.” – Melody I.