Admitted to USC Law with a $17,500 scholarship (LSAT score was 7 points below USC’s average) and Chapman Law with a full 3-year scholarship

“I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my application was enhanced, if not dramatically improved because of AdmissionMax’s services. While my undergraduate grades were very strong, I knew that my less-than-stellar LSAT score might keep me from being accepted into my preferred southern California law schools. I sought the help of AdmissionMax in order to mitigate this problem. I felt that my personal statement needed to be superior if I were to increase my chances of acceptance. The process began over the telephone, wherein their admissions expert, Paul, and I brainstormed for about an hour. He was cordial, and most importantly, helpful. I went from having no idea what I would write about, to having several topics that would highlight my strengths and desires as they pertained to my desire to go to law school. After I wrote my first draft, I found that I had many holes in my paper, and I failed to include several important details that law school admissions committees would immediately notice. Without Paul’s insight and edits, I am confident that my personal statement would have been lackluster at best. The improvement between my first and final draft was like night and day. With an average LSAT score, I was accepted by all of my top choice law schools in including USC and UC. Most of them including USC offered me sizeable scholarships, while one even granted me a full 100% scholarship. I am certain that without AdmissionMax’s services these schools would have passed over my application (or at the least admitted me without scholarships). I have since sent 3 of my friends to AdmissionMax. Many of us think we know how to write a personal statement, or even what law schools would like to hear, but without the trained eye of a professional who can guide us through this process, we would surely be prone to making critical oversights.” – AJ.

Medical School Applicant: Rejected once, she re-applied with AdmissionMax’s help and was admitted to 3 MD programs (Virginia Tech, Medical College of Wisconsin, & Wake Forest University)

“As a re-applicant to medical schools, I knew I had to re-examine every aspect of application (personal statement and school-specific essays) in order to best present myself to the admissions committees. After much research and consulting with various companies, I decided to work with AdmissionMax due to Paul’s experience, honesty and work ethic! Prior to beginning this process we set up a phone meeting so that he could get to know me as a person, understand my motivations for pursuing medicine, and learn about my goals. From there I sent him my (many) essay prompts. Paul then helped me understand the purpose of each prompt and what the admissions committees were looking for and how I could utilize my personal experiences to best present my strengths. He also helped me establish a clear timeline so that I stayed on top of my applications. Paul has a fast and efficient system for delivering edited drafts back in a timely manner with comments and suggestions. I found that in working with Paul my essays flowed better, made a clear statement, and presented myself and my experiences in the best light. As a result, I received an acceptance to 3 schools including my top choice medical school, and couldn’t be happier. I would recommend AdmissionMax a hundred times over to anyone applying to graduate programs and am so thankful for Paul’s help!” – Vida M.

Transfer Applicant: Admitted to NYU, USC, and all the Universities of California, including UC Berkeley and UCLA with scholarship offers

“I am so pleased with my decision to work with Paul (Pouya). I had rough ideas of what I wanted to include in my personal statements but I did not know how to construct it. I was a bit hesitant working with him over the phone rather than in person but needless to say I’m confident that I received better service and commitment from Pouya than anyone else. He asked me questions and built on my ideas, and created an artfully crafted essay. Pouya’s passion shines through the phone, and he is always coming up with improvements. The style and language that was used impressed me,  totally transforming my draft for the better. The first draft he sent me was beyond my expectations, although he did continue to work with me until it reached perfection. Turning in my applications after only one year of community college, I did not have a high chance of acceptance, but with my essays, I submitted my application with a renewed sense of confidence. I am ecstatic to say that with Pouya’s help I got accepted into every school I to which I applied, including UCLA, USC, NYU, UCSD, UCI, UCSB, UC Berkeley, which along with the other UCs, offered me a full scholarship.” – Leora G.

Transfer Applicant: Admitted to all the Universities of California, including UC Berkeley and UCLA

“Working with AdmissionMax has been a wonderful experience. Paul had me explain my story as well as the goals I hope to achieve. He quickly understood the type of guy I am and how we should professionally convey my narrative in a manner that would please any admissions office. Although I felt that I had a strong essay, Paul highlighted that just like anything there is always room for improvement. Throughout the process Paul took his time to teach me skills that are vital to writing a phenomenal essay. After working with Paul not only did my essay improve but so did my overall writing. I was amazed at how dramatically my essay transformed from a good one to an incredible one. With his help, I am proud to say that I have been accepted to the number one public university in the country, UC Berkeley, as well as UCLA.” – Omeed M.

Transfer Applicant: Admitted to several Universities of California, including UC Berkeley and UCLA

“I transferred all the way from a state university to a community college because I’ve always wanted to attend a University of California. As an international student, writing is not my strength therefore I had a hard time drafting my personal statement. When I saw AdmissionMax’s flier on the bulletin board at my community college, I was interested because I needed help from professionals who know everything about admissions. I met Paul, the admissions expert, and brainstorming with him about what we could write in the personal statement. He returned the draft to me within a short span of time and I was surprised and more than satisfied with the result. I am thrilled to have been accepted to UC Berkeley, which is my dream school. I will keep recommending AdmissionMax to my friends.” – D. Yang

Transfer Applicant: Admitted to all schools to which she applied, including UC Berkeley & UCLA with full scholarship offers

“I contacted AdmissionMax looking for someone who would help me with a unique situation that I was in and wanted someone who would help me out with my ideas, not just someone who would write the essays for me without hearing my thoughts. We worked together as a team, which most essay aids do not offer, and in the end, my essays felt personal and detailed with information I wanted to share. Most writing experts do not really care about your story and just want to get paid to do the job and be done with it. Paul, on the other hand, held my hand every step of the way, brainstorming with me, giving his input and listening to my opinions. He was able to transform my essays from mediocrity to extraordinary. To be honest, I didn’t know if I wanted to invest in having someone help me with my personal statements, but I am SO happy that I did. I am pleased to say that with Paul’s help, I have been admitted into all the schools to which I applied, including UCLA, UC Berkley, UCSD and UCSB, USC, The New School, and Loyola Marymount University. I was admitted with a full scholarship to UCLA to study a competitive major that has a 3% acceptance rate. I needed someone who knew what they were doing and I am happy that I found Paul’s services. Not only did I accomplish my goals, but along the way I gained a friend and mentor in Paul.” – Tiffany H.

Transfer Applicant: Admitted to 3 Universities of California, University of Michigan, and USC with a scholarship

“I needed a well-written personal statement in order to apply to top-tier four-year universities across the U.S. I had the topic but I was having difficulty organizing and expressing my thoughts. A friend of mine recommended AdmissionMax.  The admissions expert harnessed his intellectual and creative experience to help me with the strategy and narrative of my admissions essays. After submitting the first drafts to him, he returned them to me within two days revised, organized, corrected, and considerably improved. He patiently explained why he cut out and added much of the material so I can understand the strategy being used. Within a week we finalized the personal statements and I applied to 12 top ranking universities, I was accepted by 10 universities including three Universities of California, University of Michigan, and USC. I decided to attend USC after being admitted to the Marshall School of Business with a generous scholarship. My decision to hire AdmissionMax was well worth the small investment and I believe this has changed my future.” – Z. Khan

Transfer Applicant: Admitted to several Universities of California, including UCSD

“As a transfer student, I had a lot riding on my application but I was having a tough time writing my personal statement in manner that reflected all my hard work and future potential. I knew it had to be perfect since getting into the Universities of California is so competitive these days, and yet, I had difficulty organizing my thoughts and I just didn’t know what the admissions committees expected. After a few weak and very inadequate drafts, I decided to get some outside help and found AdmissionMax via the Internet. We brainstormed every detail of the essay’s message and theme, and their editing was instrumental in the essay’s strength. I was pleasantly surprised that my essay was completed in less than a week and it had matured wonderfully. My ideas flowed smoothly and the organization and message of the essay was powerful. A few months later, I was proudly accepted into nearly all Universities in California and began my university career at UC San Diego. I owe a big debt of gratitude to the team at AdmissionMax.” – Bobby H.

College Applicant: Admitted to several Universities of California

“Applying to college is a stressful time but it was a reassuring comfort to have AdmissionMax me help with my personal statements. Paul personally met with me and my mother several times in order to make a critical difference on my essays. Due to Paul’s brainstorming and important editing assistance, I was able to communicate my strengths and present myself in the best possible way. Paul likes to maintain a more personal level with clients and I feel like he truly cares about the success of the students. Payment wasn’t even due until the very end when my mother and I were completely satisfied with the essays. After AdmissionMax’s help I felt more confident about my application as a whole. I was accepted into my target school, University of California, Santa Barbara, as well as several other Universities of California.” – Ashley T.

Optometry Applicant: Rejected once, she re-applied with AdmissionMax’s help and was admitted into her top choice

“I had applied to my top 5 optometry schools and was disappointed when I was only wait-listed into my top choice. Knowing that my personal statement was heavily weighted, I knew it needed to be revised in preparation for my second attempt at admission the following year. A friend of mine referred AdmissionMax to me. After submitting my personal statement to them, it took only three days to get it back overhauled and significantly improved.  Previously, I had spent a year working on my essay so I did not think I needed to change much, but AdmissionMax drastically improved it. It was difficult to see sentences that had taken me so long to put together edited out, but the admissions expert spent time explaining why he removed and added parts to it. Within a couple of days my statement was finalized and I re-applied to my top five optometry schools once again. Unable to get admitted my first try, I was thrilled to learn that I was accepted to my number one choice the following year. I couldn’t have done it without AdmissionMax.” – Melody I.

International Dental Applicant: Rejected once, she re-applied with AdmissionMax’s help and was admitted to dental programs at UCLA, USC, LLU, and Indiana

“As a foreign dental graduate, I moved to the U.S. in 2010 in order to practice in America. I took the National Dental Board Examinations and I applied for advanced standing in American dental schools. Unfortunately, my first attempt at admission into a dental school was not fruitful. I realized that I based too much of my application on my grades and did not pay enough attention to the importance of having a good personal statement. For my second attempt at admission, I enlisted the services of AdmissionMax to help with my C/V and Personal Statement. The admissions expert revised my C/V and personal statement improving the strategic effectiveness of both and sent them back to me in a short period of time. As a result, I got into my four top choice dental schools, including UCLA, USC, LLU and Indiana. UCLA was my first choice, so I enrolled in UCLA’s School of Dentistry. My experience showed me that having a good Personal statement and C/V and also performing well during the interview are as important as having a good GPA, board exams, and good manual dexterity. Without AdmissionMax’s help, I wouldn’t be at UCLA’s dental program today.” – Mahsa D.

Physician’s Assistant Applicant: Admitted to the only program to which she applied

“Getting into a Physician Assistant program is very competitive and I knew that a strong personal statement would increase my chances of getting accepted. I contacted AdmissionMax and in my first meeting with Paul he spent more than an hour listening to my background information while taking thorough notes. He asked important questions in order to extract the vital information that he needed. He knew exactly what the admission committee was looking for and he used stories from my background that I would have never used myself. As a mother and a wife, it was very important that I get accepted to the one program in my hometown because moving was not an option. With his help, I was able to write a very strong personal statement, which helped me to get accepted into the first and the only school to which I applied! I would highly recommend Paul, he is very professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. He really cares about his client’s success and he uses his extensive creative skill to write a strong essay to get you admitted.” – Tina K.

Nursing School Applicant: Rejected once, re-applied with AdmissionMax’s help and was admitted with $20K scholarship

“I had my hopes set on getting into nursing school and was crushed when I was denied admission from every school to which I applied in my first attempt. I waited a year before re-applying again and knew that I needed something that would really differentiate me from other students. I had great grades, various internship experiences, and knew that this time my personal statement needed to be a lot better. I started to ask my friends if they knew anyone who can help with my personal statement, and I was referred to a few places but quickly felt AdmissionMax would be the right choice. The expert and I brainstormed together for as long as necessary and he made sure my questions and concerns were always addressed before ending the call. He took the time to learn about me, my culture, academic experience, and achievements to help produce an essay that really captured who I am and my passion for nursing. I felt a lot more confident this time applying and received the greatest news when I was admitted to my top two nursing programs: University of Miami, which offered me a $20,000 scholarship, and the University of Minnesota, which only accepted 10% of the applicants. In the end, I know having a memorable personal statement made all the difference and am SO THANKFUL to have been referred to AdmissionMax.” – Adelie B.

Education School Applicant: Admitted to Columbia University’s Teachers College

“When I decided to apply to Master’s programs in Mental Health Counseling, I knew that my GRE scores and limited relevant work experience were insufficient to make me stand out to the admissions committee. I had to find another way, yet I did not know who could help me. Fortunately, my cousin referred me to Paul, who took the time and effort to personalize the process for me. He explained what the admissions committees valued, and explored with me the ways that I could mold my story to strengthen my candidacy. His insight was invaluable during this process. Moreover, during the editing, Paul would reach out to clarify any uncertainties. Ultimately, he sculpted my rough draft into a beautifully written essay. He was also there for me throughout the process even when I emailed him at the last minute for help with supplemental essays. Undoubtedly, I believe that Paul’s assistance got me accepted into Columbia University as well as another university with a scholarship. Towards the end of my Master’s program, I decided to apply to PhD programs. This time, however, I was pressed for time due to procrastinating on my applications. Despite this constraint, he worked with me with the same effort, and yielded equally, if not more, impressive results. It has been a real pleasure to work with him; I am incredibly grateful!” – Courtney McVicar.

Finance (Graduate) Applicant: Admitted to MS in Finance program at the University of Maryland, College Park

“I approached AdmissionMax because I needed help with my graduate school application and my friend, Sean, told me about how their admissions expert helped him get into his dream school, Brown University. Paul helped me by first starting a rich conversation to get to know my background information and personal stories. Then he helped me explore my strengths and how to showcase them on my applications. Together we produced several excellent admissions essays. With Paul’s help, I was successfully admitted to the Master’s program in Finance at University of Maryland, College Park, one of the best MSF programs in the nation. I found the experience of working with Paul very pleasant, he treated me as a friend and used all his resources and knowledge to help me. I have since recommended several friends to seek AdmissionMax’s services.” – Zhuoyao L.