Rejected once, re-applied with AdmissionMax’s help and was admitted with $20K scholarship

“I had my hopes set on getting into nursing school and was crushed when I was denied admission from every school to which I applied in my first attempt. I waited a year before re-applying again and knew that I needed something that would really differentiate me from other students. I had great grades, various internship experiences, and knew that this time my personal statement needed to be a lot better. I started to ask my friends if they knew anyone who can help with my personal statement, and I was referred to a few places but quickly felt AdmissionMax would be the right choice. The expert and I brainstormed together for as long as necessary and he made sure my questions and concerns were always addressed before ending the call. He took the time to learn about me, my culture, academic experience, and achievements to help produce an essay that really captured who I am and my passion for nursing. I felt a lot more confident this time applying and received the greatest news when I was admitted to my top two nursing programs: University of Miami, which offered me a $20,000 scholarship, and the University of Minnesota, which only accepted 10% of the applicants. In the end, I know having a memorable personal statement made all the difference and am SO THANKFUL to have been referred to AdmissionMax.” –Adelie B.