Admitted to USC Law with a $17,500 scholarship (LSAT score was 7 points below USC’s average) and Chapman Law with a full 3-year scholarship

“I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my application was enhanced, if not dramatically improved because of AdmissionMax’s services. While my undergraduate grades were very strong, I knew that my less-than-stellar LSAT score might keep me from being accepted into my preferred southern California law schools. I sought the help of AdmissionMax in order to mitigate this problem. I felt that my personal statement needed to be superior if I were to increase my chances of acceptance. The process began over the telephone wherein their admissions expert, Paul, and I brainstormed for about an hour. He was cordial, and most importantly, helpful. I went from having no idea what I would write about, to having several topics that would highlight my strengths and desires as they pertained to my desire to go to law school. After I wrote my first draft, I found that I had many holes in my paper, and I failed to include several important details that law school admissions committees would immediately notice. Without Paul’s insight and edits, I am confident that my personal statement would have been lackluster at best. The improvement between my first and final draft was like night and day. With an average LSAT score, I was accepted by all of my top choice law schools including USC. Most of them including USC offered me generation scholarships, while one even granted me a full 100% scholarship. I am certain that without AdmissionMax’s services these schools would have passed over my application (or at the least admitted me without scholarships). I have since sent 3 of my friends to AdmissionMax. Many of us think we know how to write a personal statement, or even what law schools would like to hear, but without the trained eye of a professional who can guide us through this process, we would surely be prone to making critical oversights.” – AJ.