“When I decided to apply to Master’s programs in Mental Health Counseling, I knew that my GRE scores and limited relevant work experience were insufficient to make me stand out to the admissions committee. I had to find another way, yet I did not know who could help me. Fortunately, my cousin referred me to Paul, who took the time and effort to personalize the process for me. He explained what the admissions committees valued, and explored with me the ways that I could mold my story to strengthen my candidacy. His insight was invaluable during this process. Moreover, during the editing, Paul would reach out to clarify any uncertainties. Ultimately, he sculpted my rough draft into a beautifully written essay. He was also there for me throughout the process even when I emailed him at the last minute for help with supplemental essays. Undoubtedly, I believe that Paul’s assistance got me accepted into Columbia University as well as another university with a scholarship. Towards the end of my Master’s program, I decided to apply to PhD programs. This time, however, I was pressed for time due to procrastinating on my applications. Despite this constraint, he worked with me with the same effort, and yielded equally, if not more, impressive results. It has been a real pleasure to work with him; I am incredibly grateful!” – Courtney McVicar