Rejected once, she re-applied with AdmissionMax’s help and was admitted to dental programs at UCLA, USC, LLU, and Indiana

“As a foreign dental graduate, I moved to the U.S. in 2010 in order to practice in America. I took the National Dental Board Examinations and I applied for advanced standing in American dental schools. Unfortunately, my first attempt at admission into a dental school was not fruitful. I realized that I based too much of my application on my grades and did not pay enough attention to the importance of having a good personal statement. For my second attempt at admission, I enlisted the services of AdmissionMax to help with my C/V and Personal Statement. The admissions expert revised my C/V and personal statement improving the strategic effectiveness of both and sent them back to me in a short period of time. As a result, I got into my four top choice dental schools, including UCLA, USC, LLU and Indiana. UCLA was my first choice, so I enrolled in UCLA’s School of Dentistry. My experience showed me that having a good Personal statement and C/V and also performing well during the interview are as important as having a good GPA, board exams, and good manual dexterity. Without AdmissionMax’s help, I wouldn’t be at UCLA’s dental program today.” – Mahsa D.